EnGenius EnSky EWS850AP 802.11ax 1.73 Gbit-s Wireless Access Point


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This item: EnGenius EnSky EWS850AP 802.11ax 1.73 Gbit-s Wireless Access Point

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Future Proof, Crowd Proof Networks

As mobile technology advances, we will see more congestion and a high density of connected devices on wireless networks. Network administrators must plan for the impact this increase in devices will have on their network’s capacity. The EWS850AP utilizes the Wi-Fi 6 technology standard while supporting the future of mobile technology. The AP handles densely crowded outdoor environments simultaneously through two spatial streams and Beamforming technology, which focuses the antenna signal directly to the respective client devices, providing optimal signal and reception reliability for users.

Exceptional Performance in Harsh Outdoor Climates

Designed for peak performance in harsh climates, the EWS850AP features an IP67-rated waterproof and dustproof enclosure ensuring it can withstand harsh outdoor environments. This includes prolonged exposure outdoors to sunlight, extreme cold, frost, snow, rain, hail, heat, and humidity.

Extend & Maximize Wi-Fi 6 (11ax) Wireless Coverage Outdoors

Extend the network over short or long-distances with robust 25dBm output power coupled with four (4) detachable, SMA-type, Omni-directional, 5 dBi MU-MIMO antennas that deliver network connectivity 360° to stadiums, resort properties and large outdoor areas.

Next-Generation Wi-Fi

The EnSky Series Wi-Fi 6 Outdoor Access Points take advantage of 11ax technology, which enables more efficient channel use, reduces latency between AP and client devices, and provides ground-breaking features, such as uplink and downlink of OFDMA, Target Wake Time, uplink and downlink of MU-MIMO, BSS Coloring, spatial reuse, and preamble updates.

  • OFDMA (in both uplink and downlink): enables more efficient channel use, reduces latency between AP and client devices, and provides backward-compatibility with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
  • 1024 QAM: boosts throughput by 25% and provides greater reliability in short distances
  • BSS coloring: tags packets with a “color” to differentiate between adjacent basic service sets to potentially help minimize co-channel interference (CCI)
  • Spatial reuse: identifies the different “colors” via BSS coloring and simultaneously transmits on the same channel, which reduces waiting time and lessens contention; determines whether the transmission will be deferred or reused on the channel
  • Uplink & downlink of MU-MIMO: supports up to eight client devices and provides greater network efficiency, focuses radio energy on specific users, and ensures optimal signal and reception reliability
  • Target Wake Time (TWT): reduces power consumption, schedules wake times, and extends client battery life of mobile and IoT devicesLonger OFDM symbols: enables shorter wait times between data transmissions and tolerates more noise, which allows greater coverage

Flexibility in Deployment

EnSky’s new Wi-Fi 6 Outdoor line of high-performance, managed, Outdoor pole and wall-mount access points consists of 2×2 11ax dual-band for high-capacity use that are ready to immediately deploy. Configure APs individually as stand-alone units. Locally manage up to 50 APs per EnSky Managed switch and 100 devices per SkyKey Controller and ezMaster software to control 1,000+ APs and switches.

  • Provide your business with a wireless solution that ensures a speedy and steady data transfer rate
  • Up to 10x faster than standard Ethernet connectivity for your wired network


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