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Hauppauge HD PVR Pro 60 High Definition 60fps H.264 Personal Video Recorder, USB 2.0


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HD PVR Pro 60

The HD PVR Pro 60 is for the latest generation Xbox One X, Playstation 4 Pro plus any HDMI 1080p video source such as the PS4 and Xbox One. It allows you to watch and play your games in 4K, while down converting the 4K video to 1080p60 for recording and streaming.

The HD PVR Pro 60 supports live, lag-free, pass through 4K 60fps in and out so you can play your games on your video monitor in 4K while you stream or record. And the HD PVR Pro 60 is USB Type C bus powered for portability.

In addition to OBS, the HD PVR Pro 60 is compatible with Xsplit for live streaming on Twitch and YouTube.

And with the built-in SD card slot, you can record your video game play on the go. Just plug in a SD card (up to 256Gbytes currently supported, formatted as exFat or FAT32) and you can record anywhere you have an HDMI video cable.

PC connected or stand alone

The HD PVR Pro 60 can be connected to your PC so you can record or stream. Or you can plug in an SD card (full size up to 256GB, formatted as exFat or FAT32) and disconnect the HD PVR Pro 60 from your PC and record stand alone. In standalone mode, the Pro 60 still can connect to 4K video sources.

Why 1080p60?

The HD PVR Pro 60’s built-in hardware accelerated down scale from 4K to 1080p60 puts your videos in a more manageable format without stressing your PC. While 4K has 4 times the number of pixels as 1080p60, it’s a format which cannot be easily streamed without being converted down to 1080p60.

With the HD PVR Pro 60, the conversion is done in the Pro 60’s hardware, saving your PC from having to do this conversion in software.

Converting to 1080p60 also puts your videos in a form which are easier to edit and upload to YouTube. 1080p60 also allows you to use OBS and Twitch to stream without having to convert from 4K to 1080p60 inside your PC. Editing and streaming is easier with 1080P60 than 4K.

The HD PVR Pro 60 has a built-in H.264 1080p60 video encoder

The HD PVR Pro 60’s built-in H.264 1080p60 video encoder to create incredible quality video recordings from your 4K games. With the HD PVR Pro 60’s video encoder, your PC runs at full speed while recording your game play.

If you are recording 4K games, the HD PVR Pro 60 converts them into 1080p60 in an H.264 format. The 1080p60 format is preferred for editing and uploading to YouTube, and is compatible with video editors such as Adobe Premiere.

Stream and Record your game while you play in 4K!

HD PVR Pro 60 is easy to use, fast and responsive, featuring lag free pass through and close to real time monitoring on your PC screen. HD PVR Pro 60 is the best tool to help 4K gamers create and maintain YouTube or Twitch channel and share their best game play with your subscribers.

Add commentary to your streams or recordings

Use a gaming headset or microphone to add commentary to your recordings or streams. The audio track can be mixed inside the HD PVR Pro 60. To record or stream multi-player chat and game commentary, connect your headset and contoller to the audio mixer connectors on the front of the HD PVR Pro 60.

The Ultimate Streaming Engine for OBS and XSplit Broadcaster

HD PVR Pro 60 is compatible with the most popular streaming applications: OBS and XSplit Broadcaster for Twitch and YouTube Live Events. Stream your game play with Twitch or YouTube, adding webcam and graphics overlays. The HD PVR Pro 60 is the Ultimate Streaming Engine!

Add HDMI video to your Skype calls

HD PVR Pro 60 is also compatible with Skype, so you can connect your HDMI video camera and add your camera video to Skype calls.

  • Compatible with OBS and Streamlabs
  • Includes Hauppauge Capture: Record, Trim and Upload to YouTube.
  • USB bus powered, for portable operation
  • With 4K no lag pass through
  • Down scale 4K to 1080p60. Record 1080p 60 frames per second in H.264
  • Record your 4K or 1080p console gameplay in HD

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